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EMBO Workshop 2024

  • EMBO 2024 - Telomere function and evolution in health and disease
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EMBO Workshop 2024

Telomere function and evolution in health and disease

About the Workshop

Telomeres are specialized structures that protect the ends of linear chromosomes in eukaryotes. Research in this area has revealed that telomere maintenance is critical for stem cell function and normal tissue homeostasis but is also hijacked in cancers as a means to cellular immortality. This EMBO Workshop will explore the latest advances in telomere basic biology, its involvement in organism homeostasis and disease and its impact on ecology and evolution. By providing an ideal forum for open discussions, this Workshop will foster new and exciting collaborations between discovery scientists and clinicians, and provide a welcoming environment for new and young researchers to engage in this highly dynamic area of science.


Hotel Mercure West (Roma, Lazio - Italia)


EMBO - European Molecular Biology Organization 
EMBO is an organization of more than 2,000 leading researchers that promotes excellence in the life sciences in Europe and beyond. The major goals of the organization are to support talented researchers at all stages of their careers, stimulate the exchange of scientific information, and help build a research environment where scientists can achieve their best work.
EMBO helps young scientists to advance their research, promote their international reputations and ensure their mobility. Courses, workshops, lectures and EMBO Press publications disseminate the latest research and offer training in techniques to maintain high standards of excellence in research practice. EMBO helps to shape science policy by seeking input and feedback from our communities and by following closely the trends in science.
EMBO supports talented researchers, selected through impartial evaluation processes, to allow them to do great science. The wide scientific scope across the full range of life science research coupled with the broad geographical reach of the EMBO Members and Associate Members – some of the best researchers in Europe and around the world – positions EMBO to serve the life science community.








Structural organization of telomeres

Telomeric chromatin and transcription

Telomere and telomerase regulation

Mechanisms counteracting replication stress and damage at telomeres

Consequences of telomere dysfunction

Pathogenesis and therapeutic perspectives of telomeropathies

Telomere ecology and evolution


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